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Last Day of January...Bluegrassin'...Super Bowl Bets

Jan 31 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning…last day of January already and we’re sneaking up to 40 for a high and 70 by Tuesday.  What a roller coaster of temperatures we are on right now.  My sister up in Minnesota sent me an e-mail asking if I wanted to move up there?  It was pretty easy to give her a quick answer on that. 



I wrote for the first time with Laura Leigh Jones who grew up in the country…Virginia-North Carolina.  So she loves bluegrass as well as country.  Not many girl songwriters break into a Bill Monroe song as she did so I think that was a first.  Laura has been in town for a few years and makes part of her living running the Opry tours.  I did not realize until she told me that the Opry has backstage premium tours that allow tourists to tour the Opry as it’s going on.  And…there’s a post Opry tour too meaning that once the show is over you can take a tour.  A lot of times the stars are still backstage in dressing rooms and sometimes you get to interact with them.  Pretty cool and something to think about next time to go to the Opry.


I took a chorus idea with me to our session that Laura loved so we tore into that and a couple hours later we walked away with a new song.  I’m sure we’ll be rhyming again.



Apparently Tennessee has a LOT of coyotes.  I blogged here once before about one they had to get rid of in a bathroom inside our HUGE convention center downtown that dashed in off the streets after they left a loading door open.  A lot of hunting is going on for them…and some actually pay cash in some kind of hunting contests they hold.  Who knew? 



Now that January is waving goodbye to us the Valentine gift giving ads are out in full force.  What to get her or him?


If you wanna go with something humorous you might go with a salami bouquet


Or you can give her a pillow with your face imprinted on it.


Gosh I’m going to be such a huge hit with my wife this Valentine’s Day!



A study says that Tequila will help you lose weight and lower your blood pressure.  Awesome.  I’m going to cancel my membership at the Y, cancel the order for that Peloton bike and do my workouts at a Tiki Bar on the beach from now on.  Finally…a workout program I can stick with!



Ben Affleck will no longer wear the bat suit.  Who takes his place?  I dunno.  But…I’d vote for Kevin Hart.  Bettery yet...Kevin Hart and “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson were so funny together in the last Jumanji movie…how bout Dwayne as Batman and Kevin as Robin?  It would a least be funny.



I did write a Super Bowl song for New York yesterday…a Super Bowl Party song if you will.  Part of the song dealt with making a bet…and there’s a lot of that going on.  But there’s also those weird bets you can take a shot at too.  This year you can wager what color the liquid will be that they pour on the winning coach.  The odds favorite right now is green/yellow at 9-4 odds.


Or you can bet how long it will take Gladys Knight to sing the National Anthem.  A minute 47 is the odds on favorite length at the moment.


Wonder if they’re letting you bet on whether the Saints will show up instead of the Rams to play?



And here’s one more commercial we’ll see in the Super Bowl with Hans Solo…rather Harrison Ford.  This one is for Alexa that we talk too…and then she talks back sometimes. 



Jose Canseco (the former Oakland A) says, “Aliens Can Teach Us How To Time Travel”.  He actually tweeted that.  Me thinks Jose forgot to wear his batting helmet a few times.



Nothing big today and I can handle “nothing” as well as anyone.


Have a great Thursday!



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