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Flurries...Baseball...Rubber Chicken

Jan 30 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And…we’ve got snow flurries outside my blogging window this morning.  Cold?  Uh huh.  Wind chill like 7 above but…by Sunday and Monday our temps will be up to near 70.  Winter in the south.



Speaking of the South…my writing appointment was at Irene Kelley’s house.  Once again we wrote at her kitchen table with help from her dog and parrot.  And I’ll be darned if we didn’t write a song about the South yesterday.  That made me feel warmer.  I always enjoy writing with Irene because not only do we get to create something new but I also get to hear her sing which is a treat.  She’s originally from Pennsylvania but if you listen to her you’d swear she’s from the south or the Appalachian mountains.  Take a listen HERE and you’ll hear what I’m talking about.



And…to prove it’s cold and not just in Nashville this morning, my last two songs I had to turn in to New York were both cold weather song parodies.  Yep…almost the whole danged country is wearing gloves and snuggling up to fireplaces right now. Pretty sure some dogs are wearing leg warmers.



Tony LaRussa the Hall of Fame manager is in our newspaper today saying he thinks Nashville will support a Major League baseball team and he wants to be part of it.  I’ve been a fan of his since I heard him give a heartfelt eloquent speech one day at St. Jude’s hospital in Memphis.  I’m only a bigger fan now!  C’mon Tony…make it happen.  Just let me know where to send my season ticket money!


Speaking of baseball.  A couple of days ago I’m having a conversation with a young guy who helps run a publishing company I was writing at who opened up about how big a baseball fan he was.  Apparently he was good enough to scholarship as a catch and it was his Dad who got his skill set up with constant practice…even when he didn’t want to.  One of the lessons he said his Dad taught him was as a catcher to cover up any bruises, or injuries.  Don’t limp.  Why?  Because batters pay attention to that.  If they think you’re injured and they get on base?  They’re going to try and steal.  Who knew?



Singer John Legend admits he’s taking his first swimming lessons at 40.  It happens.  I’m not sure but I may be the only sibling (of 5) in my family that can swim at least a little.  I nearly drowned taking swimming lessons as a kid.  I nearly drowned again walking into a lake that had a deep hole I dropped into.  Flailing for all I was worth and with no breath left I was sure I was a gonner before standing up in shallow water.  That would have been embarrassing to tell God I drowned in shallow water.


So I made a point of just somehow kind of teaching myself how to swim…a little at a time. The good news is for everyone concerned…I won’t drown now…and I’ve promised not to wear a Speedo when I do jump in a pool.  You can thank me later.



It’s been 50 years today since The Beatles played “live”…up on top of the roof with that surprise concert.  And it made some other business owners mad.  That danged music!  The Beatles had gotten tired of trying to make music “live” only to have teenager screams drown out the music.  Most never heard a word…and the Beatles maybe more than anyone had some really good words that fell over music that has stood the test of time.  They had just finished a 30-song session for the White Album…living in studio when they took their instruments to the top of the roof and basically said “goodbye”. 



Tyson has recalled a bunch of their chicken nuggets.  Why?  Because some of it (some say) has rubber in it.  Wow.  That makes the cover of my second CD “Leave Em’ Laughin” seem so cool today with the rubber chicken on it.  I didn’t know Tyson had anything to do with it.


So…if you’re driving and eating Tyson Chicken Nuggets…toss them out your window and you can say, “this is where the chicken hits the road”. Or not.



Some folks that like to RV have gotten creative.  They buy old ambulances and convert them into an RV.  True.  Maybe someone will build RV parks just for them.  Call it the Red Light District Campgrounds.



iRobot has rolled out a lawn mower.  Just like the vacuum cleaners.  Turn it on…it mows the lawn by itself.  I’ll take one of those and a drone that waters and fertilizes.



Baltimore has decided to no longer prosecute pot possession.  Long overdue probably.  It will save a lot of money in court costs and wasted police time.  In fact one could say it’s “high time” that they did that.



I’m pretty sure my writing assignment today will be to write something for this weekends Super Bowl match up between the Patriots and Rams.  What I write today will air on Friday right as we go into Super Bowl weekend.  Maybe something about the commercials we’ll be seeing.  Jason Bateman just won a big SAG award a few nights ago and he’s in this cool ad for Hyundai that we’ll be seeing. 



And with January practically gone…the pressure about what to get your sweeties is on.  The difference in buying for a guy or a girl on Valentine?  I saw a picture of chocolates for women…but a big old steak for men.  Heart shape steak for Valentine dinner?  I can go for that.



I’m off to write with a new young writer for me…first time.  From doing my homework Laura Leigh Jones helps conduct some of the Grand Ole Opry tours…but also likes real country music as you can hear in her VOICE.  It will be fun getting to know her and trying to write something that fits what she’s trying to do.


Then tonight my friend Jenny Tolman who just went over 100,000 view of her latest SONG on You Tube is doing a little full band show that I plan on seeing.  Keep an eye on this one.


Have a great Wednesday!



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