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New Writers...Moana...The Real Darth Vader

Jan 29 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Well…it’s COLD…but…no snow…no ice.  Our forecast missed and I have no problem with them being wrong.  We’re in the 20’s in Music City today and tomorrow but by Saturday and Super Bowl Sunday we’ll be in the 60’s in Music City.


When I look at what’s going on in Chicago, Minnesota and other sections of the country…I got no complaints. But man…it is COLD right now.  How cold is it?  I saw a rapper pull his pants up.  It’s COLD!



I wrote for the first time with two really talented young songwriters Hunter Leath and Nathan Woodard.  Hunter actually lives in Memphis because his wife has a great job there so he’s back and forth across I-40 all the time to write songs.  Nathan Woodard is from here and is a big part of the music at his church as is Hunter at his in Memphis.  We wrote at a Publishing company yesterday that’s noted for it’s gospel artists and bluegrass artists but also works the mainstream too. 


I took a chorus idea with me and both of them loved the idea enough to write it yesterday.  Truly a fun 3 hours or so getting to know each other and write something new that we all felt great about upon completion.  Pretty sure we’ll be getting together again in the near future.



Our daughter came down for a few hours from Clarksville as she has a Zumba class she teaches on Monday nights at her old alma mater Belmont.  She brought a DVD of the Disney animated movie “Moana” that was fun to watch.  The music if great and you get to hear “The Rock’s” voice as one of the main characters.  It had been awhile since I had watched an animated movie and I had forgotten how incredible the computer technology is these days when it comes to films like these.  Good movie…if you like animated movies.



Well…in Atlanta there’s a chance of snow for the Super Bowl.  I spent forever one trip trying to get through Atlanta on the way to Florida because 2 inches or less of snow had paralyzed traffic.  Nobody knows how to drive in the snow in the south.  They have a dome stadium of course…but getting there?  That could be interesting.


Jeff Bridges has reprised his role as the Dude for a Stella Artois beer commercial this year with actress Sarah Jessica Parker.  If you know his “Dude” role in the "Big Lebowski" movie this Super Bowl Ad might make ya laugh.



Who Anthony Daniels is?  I didn’t either.  Even though I’ve seen every Star Wars movie and love C-3PO.  Yep…Anthony is the dude in the robot suit.  He says they just wrapped up shooting the latest installment to be in theaters around Christmas this year.  I’ll be there.


And I’ve got a personal story that relates to this. 


I was playing in a band in Paducah, Kentucky many many gigs ago in a hotel lounge setting.  The band was there for two weeks with small crowds.  The room had been disco and was trying to convert to “country” as was a lot of the nation because this was on the heels of the “Urban Cowboy Movie” and clubs were getting rid of strobe lights and disco for mechanical bulls and country bands. 


One night a guy came up and said some nice things about our music and told us he was the actor in the Darth Vader suit for Star Wars.  Honestly I thought…yea…right.  He took out a black and white picture of Darth (him) and signed his real name on it.  I almost threw it away because I just did not think that was possible.  Turned out to be true.  His name is David Prowse...and English actor.  And I'm glad to say...I held on to the picture.


James Earl Jones of course is the voice of Darth…but inside the suit at that time was David Prowse who sat and listened to our little country band once upon a time in what now seems like another galaxy.



Yep…they’ve got one.  It keeps your dogs kidneys and liver healthy according to the article…and nobody knows it’s a toilet from its design.  And the best part?  You don’t have to let the dog out in the snow and ice.  It’s up on Kickstarter to buy right now and will set you back about $700.  Considering how much people love their dogs?  I don’t think they’ll balk at the price if it really works.  Here’s a LOOK at it.


I’m working on a dog urinal myself for those that like to stand up.



Tourists that is…to Music City.  The new numbers are in and it’s another record-breaking year.  Over 15 MILLION tourists in Nashville last year.  Wow.  No wonder they just keep building night clubs filled with hillbilly music bands.  It’s working.  The city has also become the number one destination for Bachelorette parties too.  If you go down anywhere near Lower Broadway you can hear the girls screaming and partying and riding those pedal taverns where they drink while they are pedaling the bar all over town.  Who knew Bachelorette’s drank?!



That Kentucky has a lot of bison.  In the Land of the Lakes Region of the bluegrass state they have so many that they auction them off.  There’s a big auction this weekend.  So…if you need a buffalo to graze in your backyard?  You know where to go. 



I did not read the article…just the headline.  But gosh…would this not be epic?  The headline read “Scientist predicts we’ll have a cure for cancer within a year”. 


It’s pretty easy to root hard for this being fact and not fiction.  I just keep hoping that the cure will come within my lifetime and yours.



I’m back at the writing table with my talented bluegrass friend Irene Kelley at her house with her dog and her talking parrot.  No…we do not name either of them as a co-writer if they bark or squawk out an idea.  We’ll have a fun day for sure.


Have a great Tuesday!





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