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Songwriting Show...Ovation Guitar Story...Show Saturday Night

Jan 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And just like that here comes another weekend.



I sat in front of my computer and hit a link that was sent to me and the next thing ya know I’m looking at my co-writer friend Brent Baxter who’s in Missouri in front of his computer with several songwriting award plaques dangling off hooks behind him.  Brent was one of the writers on the song “Crickets” that we wrote with Lisa Shaffer several years ago.  The song was Lisa’s idea so we were both grateful to be part of that song.


Yesterday I was Brent’s guest on a video show about songwriting and the music business that Brent makes available to subscribers of his website and show.  And we talked for over half an hour with me trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about.  Hopefully I said something that will be of help to a young writer as they try to navigate the business. 


Brent does not play an instrument.  He doesn’t go out and do “live” shows and perform his songs ever.  He’s a true lyricist.  And if you have to be pretty good to be accepted into writing rooms with other writers who are also musicians if you just write words.  Brent is certainly that.  When he comes to Nashville and we write?  He almost always brings a completely written song lyrically.  Then me… and if there’s another writer in the room, we look at it…see if we can add anything better, find a melody and a song arrives into the world. 


I was happy to hook up via the magic of technology and the Internet yesterday with Brent.  It never ceases to amaze me what can be done with technology.



I have a Trop Rock show coming up in Huntsville, Alabama in a few weeks that my friend Jim Parker hosts.  Two Trop Rock artists will join the two of us…my longtime friend Brent Burns and Darrell Clanton whom I’ve yet to meet.


I’ve known Jim Parker for a while…really great guy.  When he was young he played in a group called the Kitchen Cinq  I knew that but did not know that Jim and his band recorded in LA once and Glen Campbell played on their session along with the famed LA studio group of musicians called the "Wrecking Crew".


I found this out after posting a picture of an old Ovation guitar I still have with the caption “I can’t ever look at this old guitar without thinking of Glen Campbell”  That’s because Glen played Ovation guitars and in fact probably sold more of those for Ovation than anyone ever.  Seeing him play one inspired me wanting to have one.


Jim read that post and then sent me a text with an old Ovation he still has and then telling me about Glen playing on one of his sessions AND…that he himself played on a Sonny & Cher session with that Ovation and even sang harmony with Cher!  You think you know someone and then you find stuff like this out.  I told Jim I was going to treat him nicer since I now know he’s a “somebody”.  It’s going to be fun to make him tell that story during our show at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville February night February 7.



38 years ago Steve Jobs invented the first Mac computer.  Apple was born in a garage and now one form or another of an Apple computer is everywhere. The movie on Steve Jobs was great…but the biography book is even better.  He was driven, hard to like by many and died to young and that may be because he refused chemo for his cancer and chose a holistic method instead that did not save his life.  The book points out that after it was too late that Jobs had wished he had gone for treatment in an early stage.  Fabulous read.



I don’t watch the James Corden late show.  But he’s funny…I know that.  One of his benchmarks on his TV show is Car Karaoke.  He’s had countless huge stars singing in his car while supposedly driving and filming. Turns out that was fake car news.  Another vehicle has pulled his car all along and he pretended to be driving while singing karaoke with whomever. Watch and see for yourself.  I hate karaoke.  So much so that I wrote a song about it and recorded “King Of Karaoke” that I wrote with my friend Wil Nance many summers ago. And now I have something to replace my hate of karaoke with…FAKE karaoke. 



What happens in Vegas?  That slogan is going away.  After a lot of years of using that phrase of “What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas”…the tourism folks are going to launch a new phrase.  My guess is they may go with “What Happens In Vegas Is Being Filmed On Somebody’s Cell Phone”. 



There’s a mansion for sale that will set you back 26.5 million.  But, it’s probably worth every buck you borrow to pay for it BECAUSE…it comes with a Star Wars Cantina inside.  My guess is that it may even have a Baby Yoda nursery all set up and ready to go too.  Now, if one of you will buy it, I’ll be happy to come visit.



I’m writing for the first time with a young writer artist by the name of Jessie Ritter who opened a show for our “Hits & Grins” trio several months ago at a great house concert.  She was cool…and interesting.  She’s from Pensacola…a city I love and visit every now and then so we had that in common and that led to this writing appointment today.  Should be fun. 



Our Hits & Grins show is at 8:30 pm at Puckett’s in Franklin, Tennessee and yes you can still get a ticket.  Would love to have ya.


Have a great weekend. 

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