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Happy Songwrite...Support Pets...Video Show Today

Jan 23 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Thursday…go ahead and warm up a little if you want.



I wrote with very happy Sydni Perry yesterday who’s husband just got back from a one-year tour of duty in the Middle East.  It makes both of us happy to know he got home safe and sound. Sydni spent a lot of that year touring with Carrie Underwood and singing those high harmonies and playing fiddle and that took her mind off of it some.  Hanni…welcome home pal.  She was in such a good mood we wrote a very fun up-tempo bluegrass tune yesterday with some nice funny lines in it. So it was a productive fun Wednesday for sure.



Well, there could be a common sense new law coming.  The Department of Transportation is rolling out the possibility that ONLY specially trained dogs would be allowed to fly for free on Airlines as support animals.  You’ll find this hard to believe but some folks take advantage of that system in order to fly their pet snakes, cows, horses whatever for FREE.  Count me in as a “yes” vote on this one. 


And leave it to my wacky beach friend Brent Burns to cover that “emotional pet” thought in a song that he included on his latest CD.  I did not co-write this with him but it hits the nail on the head so to speak.  Check out his “Service Dog” song.



Now they’re saying it might be snakes in China that’s causing the new virus we’re reading about it.  Doesn’t surprise me.  I HATE snakes.  So, the next time some PETA person hollers at me for rolling over, backing up and rolling over and pulling forward to roll over a snake on the road again?  I’m going to yell out the window “Virus”!!!!



So that you know.  It’s appropriate to tip anywhere between 10 to $1,000 to your pilot when you fly on a private jet.  And don’t we all do that all the time?  Nope, never done that.  I’ve flown first class one time in my entire life I think.  I’ve floated in a Hot Air balloon, flew an old vintage airplane, looked down at Cincinnati one day while riding the the Goodyear Blimp, barrel rolled in an acrobatic airplane, and flew a paraplane once that threw my heart up into my throat big time.  But…not once have I stepped foot on a private jet.  If I ever get the chance though, I’m taking my emotional gerbil with me and tipping $50.



She was in a bomb this year.  The movie Cats did not fare well with critics or folks who buy tickets.  Should have titled the movie “Emotional Cats” and it would have done much better.  I digress.


Now you can check out a documentary on her life on Netflix.  Here’s the TRAILER of that…"Miss Americana”.  Looks a little more interesting than the hairball film she was part of.



Some folks want to build a D-Day Tourist attraction just ahead of the 80th Anniversary of that battle on the beach.  A Museum in that area and maybe more.  Some folks are grumbling that they don’t want a Disney type approach…a theme park vibe to that day when so many brave young men died to free Europe and keep us free here in America.  I don’t think anyone would want that.  But a museum and anything respectful at all?  I’m all for that.  Still number one on my bucket list of places to visit is Normandy Beach.  They’re talking about spending $111 million bucks on it.  We’ll see what happens.



Planters kills off Mr. Peanut?  That’s what it looks like in their Superbowl Ad we’ll see a week from Sunday.  Take a LOOK.  Oh the humanity.


And for the record.  I always thought Mr. Peanut looked like he should be one of the pieces you choose to play Monopoly.



I’m doing an internet podcast-video thingy with my friend Brent Baxter who teaches the art and craft of songwriting online.  I have no idea what I’ll contribute but it should be fun.  And as soon as I find out where you can find it and watch if you’d like…I’ll pass it along.  Brent’s had some amazing guests in the music industry…honored to join those folks today.


Oh..again…if you’re in or near Nashville come see our “Hits & Grins” show at Puckett’s in Franklin this Saturday night at 8:30.  Good seats are still available.  We’re going to film the entire show Saturday night so we have some video to use for promoting the trio…so please come if ya can and have a great time with us.


Have a great Thursday!



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