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Iguana Drops...Naked Tunes...M*A*S*H

Jan 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Middle of the week.  Still pitch dark as I start this blog but just a few weeks from now I’ll see some shades of light hitting Old Hickory Lake outside my blogging window.  Ready for that.



And yea…it’s cold…but it’s cold I Florida too.  How cold?  I actually read that iguanas are falling out of trees because it’s so cold.  Once temperatures get cold enough the danged things stiffen up and fall out the tree.  Not dead…but they fall.  I don’t know if they make a steel reinforced iguana umbrella or not. 



It was good to see and write with my friends Becky and Will Denton again.  They are starting to pile songs up for Becky and her next project.  And after getting a little Trop Rock internet radio play on a couple of beach songs we had written and Becky included on her current CD “Fire and Grace” we decided to try and give Becky another beachy song….and we did.  Will got behind the piano and I picked up a guitar and pretty soon we had a cool groove going under some lyrics we had written the last time we got together.  So music mission accomplished yesterday and it was surely great seeing those two again.



I get the most unusual requests to help write songs sometimes.  Because I write a lot of funny songs…those kinds of requests happen.  Here’s a tease for you.  A noted Trop Rock artist sent my friend Brent Burns a note telling him that he had this idea for a song that he thought only Brent and I could help with.  If you know my friend Brent Burns you’ll know we are headed down a funny road here.


This artist recently played at a nudist camp in California I think.  In the contract, the band had to wear clothes.  They were the only ones clothed.  That’s what he wants us to help write. And I will say he’s got a really funny title for it too.  So how can I not do that?  For mankind sake alone? Say tuned on this one.



M*A*S*H is 50 years old…the movie.  I remember seeing it the movie theater and laughing my butt of at Donald Sutherland and Elliot Gould playing the original versions of Hawkeye and Trapper John.  Still a funny movie 50 years later.  Gary Burghoff played “Radar” in that movie then went on to join the TV cast. 


A couple of years ago I was playing at Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant with my “Hits & Grins” trio in Franklin, TN.  At the end of the evening a nice guy comes up and buys both CD’s and tells me how much he loved our show. A little conversation led me to ask if he was an actor and he said “yes” and that he now lives in Franklin.  That guy was John Schuck who played the Dentist in that movie.  Remember “Painless”?  Yep…that guy.  Makes me want to watch the movie one more time.


FYI...our "Hits & Grins" trio will play this Saturday night at 8:30 pm at that same Puckett's I just mentioned.  Tickets are still available...come see us!



To Derek Jeter going into the baseball Hall of Fame along with former Expo Larry Walker.  Somehow one idiot sportswriter decided NOT to vote for Derek.  One.  Those are the kind of things that make you wonder if his sportswriter credentials and voting rights should be taken away from him.  How can you not vote for that guy? 



So an airbag in a car explodes at about 200 mph.  I had a conversation with a guy that knows a lot about crashes recently and he told me that you should push your seat back to have some distance in case it ever does deploy after you hit something.  It can break your nose in a hurry.  In fact, he says some folks who don’t have long legs buy foot pedal extensions so they too can push back a little…just in case. 


Or, we can just stop driving and wait for electric no driver cars to arrive at our house with an app request to take us back and forth wherever we want.  One self-driving car is out there already called the Cruise Origin


If those kinds of vehicles do take over it’s going to eliminate another annoyance.  Back seat drivers.  Who they gonna holler at?



In Colorado there’s a little ranch for sale if you’re interested.  Okay, not so little.  It sits on 17,500 acres and comes with a Buffalo Herd!  The only thing stopping me from buying it and moving out west is the price tag. They want 45 million for it.  I think that works out to about a million per Buffalo.



I’m songwriting with Sydni Perry who has some off time from touring with Carrie Underwood right now.  And right now she’s a happy girl because her husband who was called up from the reserves just got home a few days ago from a one year tour of duty overseas in the Army.  I expect to see a big happy face on her today when we start rhyming.


Have a great Wednesday!

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