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Half Court Shot...Gulf Shores Show...Tom Brady Again

Monday morning early and it sounds again like the 4th of July.  It’s duck season.



Saturday night our little family caught a heck of a Belmont basketball game.  The good guys won…but during the course of the night a kid made a half court shot giving him a free semester of college.  I don’t think I’ve heard the arena erupt quite like that ever.  Here's a look at THAT.  And I’ll bet his Mom and Dad were screaming even louder.  FREE tuition!  Really cool.  My daughter’s fiancé Casey caught a flying t-shirt, Vince Gill and his wife Amy Grant were there rooting on the home team too.  One of the great free shows in this town is watching Vince give the refs and the opposing coach grief…loudly.  Makes me laugh every time.




Yep…caught both of the championship games.  Eagles-Pats.  Tom Brady...again and again and again.  And the Vikings looked like they took the day off.  I'm not sure which is worse...getting blown out like the "Skoles" did...or having a great chance to beat the World Champs and not be able to finish like the Jags did.  Superbowl in two weeks.  Tom Brady...again.



I’ve added another show with my long time funny friend and co-writer Brent Burns.  We will play a 6 pm show coming up Friday night February 16 at the Glen Lakes Golf Club in Foley, Alabama…a place we’ve played before.  Brent will be handling all advance ticket sales…and I’ll post that contact info here in a few days.  These are incredibly fun shows…so you snowbirds down there…make a reservation and come see us.





Did you notice the government shut down?  Me neither.  God protect us from politicians.



Sunday was squirrel appreciation day.  Uh huh.  We’ve got a ton of them.  I just didn’t know we were suppose to appreciate them.  At the risk of a horrible groan…that’s just “nuts” to me.



Coyotes.  We’ve spotted a couple in our backyard.  For the record…they appreciate squirrels too in their own special way.  Pretty sure it includes BBQ sauce.


Our music community is sending up prayers and well wishes to Lari White…a great artist songwriter.  Here’s just one song she wrote.  She’s been admitted to hospice.  Cancer.  Another reminder of how much cancer sucks.  We’re certainly thinking of her songwriter husband Chuck Cannon and the families too.


 Some may not remember that Lari White had a small SCENE in the movie Castaway that starred Tom Hanks…and Wilson…the soccer ball.  Sad stuff…really sad stuff.



Now when you come to Nashville you can board a Poetry Bus.  Yep…get on board and you get a poet or storyteller performing.  Most of the poets will have a southern twang…which I will refer to as “value added”. 



They’re talking about building a long bridge between England and France that would allow you to drive over the channel from one country to the others.  So if you’re in Paris wanting fish and chips…jump in the car. 



Detroit will be turning out cars geared specifically for Uber and Lyft.  Stronger and bigger back seats.  Will Taxi cabs soon be gone like typewriters an home phones?  Time never goes backwards.



A magazine article I read listed the top 5 places in the US to drive.  5.  Portland 4. LA (for sure) 3. San Diego 2. Jacksonville?  (don't get that one...but I'll be there again this June to check that out.  And the WORST place to drive in the US?  That would be Honolulu.  I won't argue with that.  It took me and my wife hours to go from the airport in Honolulu to our hotel.  It wasn't that far away.  Our leis had wilted by the time we checked in.



Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their new baby girl Chicago.  Totally uninspired if you ask me.  If I ever had another one…I’d go with Ypsilanti. 



I'm thinking that's why the movie Jumanji has now been number one at the box office for three straight weekends.  Sandwiched between a lot of serious movies...it's an oasis for those who just wanna have fun.  Not to mention...the movie's not half bad.



I'll be sitting in a dentist chair in a few minutes...nothing serious...but once again my dentist will have to replace his leather chair because of the holes I dig into it with my fingernails.


After that I'm off to write with Lauren Mascitti and Wil Nance out at Wil's little mini farm full of chickens and dogs and ducks and more.  And there's a stocked little pond with a dock where we can get a line wet in case we're going nowhere at the rhyming table.  Can't go wrong either way.


Have a great Monday!




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