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Gulf Shores...New Orleans Parrot Heads...Dr. King

Jan 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

This just in…it’s cold on the Gulf Coast too…but…that white stuff?  It’s sand. 33 degrees here this morning and there was frost on the windshield.



Friday night’s show at the Cork Room in Gulf Shores, Alabama was just way too much fun to be legal. We were sold out…and it’s always so much fun to swap songs with my friend Brent Burns.  My thanks to Nina who owns this great restaurant for having the two of us and to all of you who came out, had dinner and drinks and stayed for our show.  My brother Gary and Kay who are in from Pennsyvlania were here and they brought a great big table of folks with them.  And I got to do the song inspired by visiting PA where they live “I’ll Join The Amish”.  All in all a great night in one of my favorite beach towns.



And Sunday in the Crescent City playing for Pardis Gras and a bunch of Parrot Heads was truly one of the most fun shows I’ve played in awhile.  I was on stage with Brent and our talented friend Matt Hoggatt on a stage at Tropical Isle on Bourbon Street that features a gigantic Jimmy Buffett head.  Jimmy was just down the street singing the national anthem and dropping his mic before the Saints-Rams game with the blind referee.  Did you see that no-call?  Nobody in our bar missed it that was full of Saints fans. The TV network got what it wanted…New England-LA the two biggest markets.  Makes ya wonder.  But I digress…back to the party.


Our little trio played for over three hours and it went by in a hurry.  After intermission I wound up being in the middle of something called “Fools On Stools” where the singers trade insults…sort of like a “Parrot Head Roast” if you will…and they actually keep score on the big board as to who’s winning with points being added and subtracted.  It got pretty hysterical for sure and I managed to hold my own with the other two who are both long tie favorites in the Parrot Head world.  What crazy fun that was.


My thanks to Jerry Diaz and his wife Mary for adding me to this year’s roster for the first time.  The three-day event has gone on for 21 years or so and my friend Brent Burns has played almost every one of them.  I’m hoping I’ll be back on Bourbon Street myself next year.


And for me the best thing was getting some real exposure into this world.  It looks like I’ll be added to the roster for one of these kinds of events in Nashville later this year and I was approached about both Chicago and Key West for Parrot Head events too. 


It works for me.  I just need to buy a wardrobe of flip-flops and shorts and sunglasses. 


Thanks also to everyone who came…said such nice things…and to my friend Brent and Matt for letting me hang in their world Sunday in New Orleans.


And to top it all off…we rode back to Gulf Shores under that incredible full moon last night.  Perfect ending to a great new experience.



The world’s oldest man died yesterday.  He was 113.  I haven’t read the article but I’d guess he was a Saints fan.



It is Martin Luther King Jr Day…and some folks have the day off including me from writing any kind of “topical news” parody for United Stations in New York…they’ve closed up shop for the day too. 



I read an article lamenting the fact the fewer and fewer young kids go to church.  Between the ages of 18-22 a bunch drop out for a least a year or more.  I’m not a regular attendee myself and they’ve ignored my repeated requests to rip the pews out and include those reclining seats they now have at some movie theaters.  They also nixed my idea of vendors coming up and down the aisles with hot dogs and drinks like they have at baseball parks.


For young kids?  I dunno.  Maybe tap into the AI experience.  Pass out those big ole goggle glasses…somehow turn the sermon into an interactive game.  Put Mark Zuckerberg in charge of marketing. 


Make a tattoo artist available in the lobby to ink your favorite scripture.  I have a feeling no-one will listen to these ideas either.



Now we know who will play in this years Superbowl in New Orleans.  Hopefully the BEST part of the game won’t be the commercials…although they’ve teed up some creative stuff for us.  Here’s ONE you’ll see while sitting on the sofa with your beer and corn chips.




Huey Lewis and the News are going to release their first CD of original songs in over 18 years!  Wow.  I saw them one night in Cincinnati at the outdoor Riverbend Theater with the Tower Of Power horn section.  Infectious.  Hardly anyone sat for the entire show.  I’m hoping they’ll recapture some of that kind of stuff on the new CD.



As in Susan Boyle…the best discovery that TV show has ever made.  She got the “golden buzzer” in the celebrity edition the other night.  HERE’S why.  Just hard to imagine no one discovered her operatic talent before innocently walking in front of the judges that fateful night.



Loved the Dilbert cartoon this morning in the paper.  They say comedy always has a little “truth” in it and there MAY be a small bit of that in the exchange between Dilbert and friend.  The friend says, “Hey, I’m smart but I don’t know how to do anything”.  Dilbert replies, “Where did you get your PHD?”  The friend says, “I didn’t say I had a PHD”.  To which Dilbert replies, “You kinda did”. 



“4 Mistakes Made When Doing Squats”.  Number one for me was forgetting you have to get back up.



“Doctors Save Man From Dying By Administering 15 Cans Of Beer To His Stomach”.  This Doctor used that method to cure alcohol poisoning.  I can’t make this stuff up folks.


I’m betting I’ll see beer taps with little signs that say “approved by doctors” in the near future.



I’m staying one last day here in Gulf Shores.  Brent Burns and I are going to finish a new song we started and I’m going to spend a little time with my brother Gary and his wife Kay who are snow-birding down here right now from PA.


If by chance you are a “Bachelor” fan…watch tonight for the blonde haired harmony singer who will be on the show with new country artist Tenille Townes.  Here name is Janelle Arthur and I write with her quite a bit.  Girl can sing too.


Have a great Monday!


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