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Bring on the weekend...and the near 60 degrees they're calling for on Sunday!



I spent some time with my friend Gerald Smith "The Georgia Quacker" writing a bluegrass type gospel song.  Gerald had been singing it and working on it on his drive to Music Row yesterday...so by the time I sat down with him he was on a roll.  It made my job pretty easy helping him finish the idea.  Gerald has been in this crazy town for a lot of years and has has a ton of folks record his songs through the years including George Strait, Collin Raye, Lorrie Morgan and numerous others.  Always a pleasure to sit down to rhyme and sing with Gerald.



My daughter and I went and caught a Belmont basketball game and welcomed back her fiancee' Casey who just got in from two weeks worth of Army training down in Mississippi in preparation for him being deployed very soon.  Now that we are basically a military family ourselves...we think even more about young folks being in harms way...and continue to admire those that serve our country.


The great news is...our team hit 14 three pointers last night and beat Murray State easily at the end.  Very fun evening with family watching some roundball.




Dolly Parton is 72 years young today and still setting the musical world on fire.  And...she officially owns a couple of Guinness World Records.  She has the most decades for having a song in the top 20...and she's had more hits than any other female country music artist. I remember how upset the late Porter Waggoner was with her when Dolly decided to leave that successful duo.  She knew exactly what she was doing.  Of course her mammoth hit "I Will Always Love You" was a musical thank you note to Porter which helped salve some of those departure bruises.


I've got a lot of Dolly...and Porter on vinyl.  That stuff still sounds good today when a needle tracks through it.  And I'm glad that I met Becky Blackaby from Missouri and found out how much she loves Dolly.  So much so that we wrote a tune called "I Love Dolly" that she recorded...made a video of (hit the link to see) and I just found out it cracked the top 20 in the Australian country charts for Becky.  How cool.  Happy Birthday Dolly!




If the last 4 years have been the hottest ever on this planet we live on (and it has been) then why would thigh high Uggs be popular?  Yes..they now have thigh high Uggs.  Good grief.  Next up...thigh high Crocs. 



Ben and Jerry's is rolling out a line of Vegan ice cream.  Can't wait to taste some tofu chocolate swirl.  What about ice cream for meat lovers?  A little venison praline crunch perhaps? 


Man...I'm an ice cream nut.  Especially in the summer months.  But the best ice cream ever for me is the homemade stuff our parents and grandparents made back in the day when the kids fought over who got to lick the ladle.  Put that out commercially and it would sell like crazy. 



I'm seemingly always going down steps into our garage to bring back up the stairs to help us reach whatever we need to reach.  Then of course I have to carry it down the steps again.  That's why I love the idea I saw where some folks decorate ladders and it becomes like a piece of art furniture in their house.  So...I'm going to drape ours with crepe paper or something artistic and try to convince my wife how artistically beautiful the thing is...and then will never have to drag in down steps again.  Wish me luck.



The Eagles settled a lawsuit with some folks in Mexico who named their little hotel "Hotel California".  I'm sure the Eagles...who own that copyright made a little money.  So...I'm hoping someone will name their little place "Hotel Ugly Early" so I can sue.



Maybe the biggest box office surprise of the year is Jumanji which has made over 700 million bucks at the box office so far.  Wow.  The Rock and Kevin Hart are on a roll.  I did see it...expected not much...and wound up enjoying it like a lot of other folks apparently.  Betting those two will be doing more movies together in the future.



That old gray whiskered guy who did those Mexican beer commercials for years before being replaced by a younger guy...is back.  His real name is Jonathan Goldsmith.  Turns out that Jonathan really is an interesting man.  He did movies with John Wayne.  He's gone to Viet Nam to help detonate hidden bombs.  And now he will be the spokesperson for Astral Tequila.  I wondered how long it would take for someone else to use this guy to represent their alcohol.  "Stay thirsty my friends".






Off to write with Ayla Brown who will soon be in South Korea to sing for this years Winter Olympics.  So maybe we'll write a cool song about bobsleds...or something.


Then...if the government does not shut down tonight (would I know the difference?) I'll start trying to figure out who's going to the Superbowl this year with two big games coming up Sunday.


Have a great weekend!


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