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Gulf Shores...New Orleans...Texas Shows

Jan 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Friday morning!


On the road to Gulf Shores, Alabama this morning but taking time to get in a blog before motoring the rest of the way down I-65 South and eventually the beach.



I had one writing assignment to turn in for New York…a radio jingle.  With that done and out of the way I started prepping for the trip which features a show tomorrow night at the Sunset Cork Room in Gulf Shores with Brent Burns.  I found out we are all SOLD OUT…which is great.  Only seats at the bar are available on a first come first serve basis.


I love this venue and always request to play it at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival in November.  Small, intimate…GREAT food and a great owner too.  Thank you Nina for having our show Saturday night.  My brother Gary and his wife Kay are snowbirds now and will be at the show and Gary is bring a lot of his golfing friends who come to the beach like he does to chase that little white ball up and down the beautiful fairways down there.  Hard to do that this time of year in Pennsylvania where he and his wife live.  So we’ll have a great time for sure.


We'll be doing several songs we've written together with a fair amount of those being beach songs like this one that's on Brent's new CD that perfectly describes his life in song.


Then Sunday morning Brent and I trek over to New Orleans to play a huge Parrot Head event called Pardis Gras.  We play on the last day of the event upstairs at a place called “The Tropical Isle” right on Bourbon Street.  We start at 1:15 pm…about the time madness ensues with tons of Saints football fans headed for the stadium to play the Rams.  I may be the only sober person in New Orleans that day…I’ll let ya know.  Matt Hoggatt will join me and Brent on stage for the Pirates and Poets songwriters round which also promises to be great fun.



And I’ve added another date with Linda Davis and Lang Scott on the road with our “Evening In The Round” show on our little Texas-New Mexico-Arkansas run starting the end of May.  June 7 we will play the Music City Texas Theater in Linden, Texas to go along with four other shows so far on that tour.  Hot Springs, Arkansas, Odessa, Texas, Lubbock, Texas and Alto, New Mexico.  I’m going to need to shine up my cowboy boots for this trip.



A USA Today survey says that 61% of women say to themselves “I have nothing to wear” at least once a week.  Wonder how many say that as they’re trying to find room to walk into their clothes closet?



A total eclipse takes place.  I have no idea if I’ll be able to see it in Gulf Shores or not.  It’s always dark when I go to sleep anyway so that and the fact that I never seem to look up makes it a non-event for me.  Are they televising it?


Time to leave the Mickey D’s I’m at get myself to the coast for the weekend.  Hope you have a great one too!





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