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Snowy Roads...Italy Tour...and Dogs +Donuts

Well....outside my little "blogging" window this morning you can see the white stuff is still hanging around.  The good new is that we did manage to get out yesterday despite the ice and snow on our little treacherous road.  Today it warms to the 40's so we should be seeing asphalt before too long.









When we did get out...my daughter and I went to the gym together...pretty sure that's a first.  Dad needs more trips than the daughter for sure as like her Mom...she's careful about what she eats and works out regularly as well as teaching Zumba classes a couple times per week.  Pretty sure I'm the unfit black sheep of this little family.  Wonder if they make Spanx for men?


My songwriting appointment was cancelled yesterday when my co-writer got a great gig out of town so I had the day free to write a "I'm Sick Of Snow" parody song for New York and pitch a few songs to an artist who's getting ready to record a new album.  It's always fun going through your song catalog and trying to guess what songs the artist might like if you're lucky. 



I can announce this officially now.  My wife and I are going to Italy for a tour with my frequent co-writer an friend Brent Burns.  Brent sold out a bus more quickly than anyone else has (according to the travel agent) for this little trip that will take us from Rome to Florence to Venice.  And along the way Brent and I will do a few shows for those that signed up to go.  The trip details are HERE if you care to look.  Yesterday there were only 2 seats left on a 48 passenger bus and I had hoped to post the news today and maybe have a couple friends of ours sign up to go along.  We'll have to do that next time as this one is sold out. 


My wife and I have not yet done an overseas trip and now we have plans to see Ireland, Italy and maybe one other country this year.  I'm downloading a language app on my phone later today.



And...yesterday I added March 2 and 3  for sure to my calendar for a return trip to Gatlinburg along with my friend and co-writer Steve Dean for a two day "group writing" session with local writers who sign up for it.  The event is at the historic Gatlinburg Inn.  Another friend of mine and great writer Brady Seals (Little Texas) will also be a part of this with one other writer to be named.  This 2 day event is put together by the folks who run the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival going into it's 7th year this August. If you'd like to participate this LINK will give you all the info and allow you to sign up for the fun.


FYI...Brady Seals last single release went to the 30's on the charts and is a tune I helped co-write.  To date...it's the biggest national chart success I've had with a song.  If you've not seen it...check out the VIDEO here of our fun song "Been There, Drunk That".



Dale Earnhardt Jr. slid off the ice and hit a tree dead on in North Carolina yesterday.  So remember...the next time you decide that you can navigate when it's slick....Dale Jr could not!



Next time you come to Nashville you'll be able to check out CabaRay the new showplace that Ray Stevens has opened.  I'm going to check the place out in a couple of weeks...but from what friends tell me who went to the private opening...it's pretty cool.  I'm betting there's a chance that you might hear Ray croon the tune Brent Burns and I wrote that Ray recorded..."Retired".    Oh...and just so you know.  Just because Ray had a hit called "The Streak" doesn't mean they will allow you to do that in the new place.  You've been warned.



Motorcycle sales are down...or soft a the least.  One reason might be the need to attract younger riders.  How bout this figure.  Since 1991 the median age for a bike rider has gone from 32 to 47 years of age!  Wow.  I guess older folks can AFFORD a toy a little more?  Dunno.  Or maybe kids realize how hard it is to text and ride a bike at the same time.



Someone has invented the "Sunion".  That's an onion you can cut open that will not make you cry when you do so.  I don't eat onions so it's a moot point to me...but for those who get weepy easily...there ya go.  Now if they can come up with pepper that doesn't make me sneeze...I'm all for that.



Some hotel rooms are now putting in wine machines.  A little in room tap that will let you pour wine...for a cost of course.  Man...gimme a room with a Magic Fingers and a wine dispenser and the "Don't Disturb" sign may never come off my door.



In Nashville a place has opened called Donut + Dog.  That's right.  You can get a donut and a hot dog.  Caloric wise that's just so wrong in so many ways.  And I'll be one of the first to check it out.  Wonder if you can get a dog glazed?



Somewhere at the Grand Canyon you'll be able to zipline over a part of that huge beautiful hole in the ground.  Wow.  There's already a piece of clear plastic glass you can walk on and look down at the canyon...and now this.  There's a chance I may get back out there this spring and work the Grand Canyon Railway again.  If that happens...and if there's time...you may hear my shrieks from wherever you live.  Sign me up.






I had some writing cancellations this week because of weather and out of town gigs that popped up for folks...so I'm thankful that my buddy Gerald Smith was able to squeeze me in for a writing session this morning.  Gerald writes a lot of fun tunes including "Where There's A Will There's A Relative".  So maybe we'll tear into something like that.


Have a great Thursday!


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