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More Snow...Name On The Dance Floor...Return To Gatlinburg

Yep...it's a winter wonderland just outside the Whyte House this morning.  We still have not ventured outside since the snow fell a day ago as our little curvy mountainy road does not need much to make it an adventure drive to say the least.  For now...it's a pretty view outside my blogging window.







Since I could not get out I had to cancel my songwriting appointment which I hated to do with Ayla Brown and Rob Bellamy who both head for the Winter Olympics in a couple of weeks.  Rob played college and minor league hockey for years and his young sister Kacey (pictured here) is on the women's hockey team this time headed to Seoul.  Fortunately...Ayla and I were able to re-schedule for this Friday which will give me a chance to pepper her with questions about their participation.  Gotta be a thrill.  Go USA!



With that I stayed indoors...caught up on some stuff...wrote a comedy parody song for New York about NOT trying to suppress a sneeze as they now say you shouldn't hold it in...let it go.  I'm fearful they will release a study soon saying not to try and hold in something else that occurs after a navy bean dinner.  If they do...THAT should be an interesting tune to write.



My wife and I did rent a movie to watch on the couch last night "Wind River" a murder mystery set on an Indian reservation in Wyoming starring Jeremy Renner who I like a lot as an actor.  He was great...the movie?  Maybe not so much.  Interesting...dark...foreboding...maybe 2 out of 4 stars from me.



Well...I'm headed right back to Gatlinburg again soon.  I'll be there March 2 and 3 with my pal Steve Dean for a writing class with some folks over there.  Folks can sign up to learn a little about songwriting and then we'll write a couple songs with the group.  The event is held at the historic Gatlinburg Inn where Rocky Top was written 50 years ago by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant.  All the info is HERE in case you'd like to sign up and join us.







"All That Cowboy Jazz" is western swing tune that I co-wrote with my friend Paul Bogart and Zach Runquist.  Paul has it on his great new "Leather" CD and went out near where he lives in Oklahoma...Oolagah, OK to be exact to film our ittle tune at the Iron Horse Bar.  They did a great job and half the town came out to support Paul when they filmed it.  The folks who own the place loved the attention, exposure so much...they put the logo pictured here on their dance floor!  So I can go dance on one of my song titles if I want.  That...is pretty danged cool.  The song itself continues to get really nice attention...especially from those who love this kind of music that has shades of George Strait, The Timejumpers, and Asleep At The Wheel all over it.  Thanks to the folks at the Iron Horse for loving our song this much!



Tomorrow the Nashville Boat Show opens.  That should be a sign it's getting warmer!  It's fun to go on of those and just walk around and check out the boats and fishing equipment and more.  I played a big boat show once in Cincinnati.  They put me in the back of a new bass boat and I sat on the seat that swivels around and tried to entertain people that surrounded the boat.  Pretty cool experience.  And every time I do something like this...I wonder to myself why I don't go fishing every now and then.  Maybe if I string up one of my guitars with fishing string?



And last night over Michigan they had some kind of meteor show.  A meteor fire is how one person described it.  And if it was not meteors...then of course it was probably aliens as many are also claiming.  UFO's.  Have you ever wondered why every time something lights up the sky someone is seeing a UFO?  Me too. 



This had to happen.  Carnival Cruise has one ship now with it's own microbrewery.  That's right...they brew their own beer onboard.  I'm waiting for a microbrew place to open inside a baseball park.  Bound to happen.  Oh...have I mentioned that pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training in 29 days?  Not that I'm ready for warmer weather and baseball mind ya. 



In New Jersey it will no longer be legal to "drink and drone".  Just like it sounds.  You can't fly a drone if you're not sober.  You'll get a FUI...flying while intoxicated.  Makes you wonder what some folks have done with their drones while drinking doesn't it?



I read an article this morning that says if you drink tea it helps make you more creative.  Maybe the folks drinking and droning should consider switching to Lipton?



Love this.  True story.  There's a guy in Michigan...107 years old still skiing...and he often runs as much as 17 miles a day.  Wow.  He says basically that sitting on your butt when you get older is a "waste of life'.  And his 3 secrets to living to be old?  Have a wonderful wife, drink only the finest liquor and...pick your parents carefully.  LOL.  I'll be out buying a pair of skis later today...or not.



"Taiwanese Man Divorces Wife Over Her Bathing Only Once A Year".  I can only guess she's allergic to water and Zest.



Well...hopefully we'll be able to ge off our road...although as I look out my window...it just started snowing again.  Sigh.


Have a great Wednesday!

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