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Snowing...Italy Maybe and Olympic Writing Team

Jan 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And as you can see…we’ve got that four letter word falling down this morning.  SNOW.  Schools are closed…kids are joyous…parents…not so much. And the snow has apparently affected our internet service as I’m going nowhere fast this morning on the world wide web.  I’ll be taking a Bunsen burner to my internet cables here in a minute.









I had nothing huge on my calendar so I got some catching up stuff done after being gone this past weekend to Pigeon Forge.  I wrote a couple of comedy jingles for an afternoon country radio show in Colorado Springs.  I’ve been doing that for longer than I realized…and have probably written well over a hundred of those that they air for the Matt Sparks show out there.  What’s unusual about this is I’ve never been to that radio station…nor have I met Matt.  But once a week I’ll write two country parody jingles that he can use on his show.  They are a client of United Stations in New York who I write for and apparently they must like them because they keep requesting more…and that’s cool.  Appreciate the work.


I also got to the gym yesterday and it was crowded on the holiday.  A lot of folks taking advantage of MLK Day to sweat and groan.  Okay…they sweated...I mostly groaned. 


And…Christmas if officially over at the Whyte House as our tree came down yesterday.  I’ll be putting up our Valentine Tree later today.



Couple of new dates to soon be added to my performance calendar that you can find here on my website.  It looks like I may be in Gulf Shores for a Valentine weekend show with my longtime friend Brent Burns which will be great fun as always.  We should be firming up where and when within the next few days.


And…it’s looking more and more like my wife and I will tag along with Brent for a trip to Italy with a bunch of his fans starting late September.  We’ll hit Rome, Florence and Venice along the way and the two of us will play multiple times for those who go with us during this trip.  Details are HERE…and like the Gulf Shores date we are just firming this up before an official announcement.  I’m practicing singing “Going Ugly Early” in Italian right now.  Stay tuned here for more details soon.




I did watch Shark Tank last night and my wife Kathy sat with me and watched the segment where an entrepreneur presented a way for dog lovers to dress their dog up and make them look like a panda…or other animals.  Like a Teddy Bear if you will.  Me?  I don’t get folks who want to dress up their pets.  But I was not surprised to see the lady get a deal with one of the Sharks over this product. 


I’m working on a line of that kind of stuff that will allow wives to dress up husbands like obedient pets.  Pretty sure there’s a fortune to be made there.



And the winner is…”milkshakeduck”.  Uh huh.  It’s a reference to a celebrity who ruins their own reputation through bad behavior…sometimes racist behavior.  And now you know.



You can get an app that lets you take a “selfie” of yourself and then the app will turn that into a painting of someone you look like.  Pretty sure my painting will be of one of those dogs playing poker on black velvet.  I’ll let ya know.



Just a few weeks away in Minneapolis.  Word is that Carrie Underwood and Ludacris have written a song together for the Super Bowl.  There’s a little musical cultural mosh clash if you will.  Justin Timberlake is the half time entertainer this year.  And because the event is in Minneapolis…vendors selling heavy clothing should do well.


The game itself is indoors at the Vikings new purple palace…but there’s a lot of going outdoors to go from one place to another during Superbowl week. 


I was lucky.  The two Super Bowls I saw in person were in warm weather climates.  San Diego and Miami.  I’m pretty sure every Super Bowl should be played in a warm weather spot.  I’ll put it another way.  If it’s cold enough to ice fish…the Super Bowl should not go there!



Apparently Danica Patrick and Green Bay QB Aaron Rogers are an item.  Danica has lost her ride in NASCAR and her ex racing boyfriend… so look to see her up in the frozen tundra of Green Bay soon.  She’s got some time on her hands.



Jack In The Box restaurants are hinting at doing away with clerks at the counter.  Automated orders are coming at some kiosk.  “Siri…I want the double burger with fries”.  As long as the kiosk does not look like that scary Jack In The Box guy with the cone on his head…I think I’m okay with that. 



If I can get out today I’m scheduled to write with my friends Ayla Brown and Rob Bellamy who are both headed to South Korea to sing at this years Winter Olympics.  I may need Winter Olympic skills to get to them today.  We’ll see.


Have a great Tuesday!








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