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Lyrics & Lore Weekend...New Song On Video and MLK Day

A few patches of ice left on the little road we live on...more stuff on the way tonight I here.  I'll be taking my stun gun to the grocery store today.  And the thing that keeps me warm right now is knowing it's only 30 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training.



Well...I've got a big bag full of great memories from the Lyrics & Lore event I was part of with my "Hits & Grins" trio this weekend at Dolly's beautiful DreamMore Resort which is located just outside of Dollywood in Pigeon Forge.  Thumbs up for this beautiful resort that's somehow elegant but no pretentious.  And yes there's lots of Dolly stuff to look at including a wall filled with every album she ever recorded on one wall.





The coolest thing I saw inside was the artwork behind the bar full of Mason Jars.  But if you look closely...you'll see a barn.  There's one on the left side and one on the right.  I had folks sitting next to me tell me about it and I thought they were pulling my leg.  Sitting up close I could NOT see the darned thing.  But...when I backed up...I saw it clearly.  Very cool.





Yes...it's. resort...so resort prices apply.  But...you could do much worse than to take a family vacation here.  In fact...my room that overlooked the mammoth pool area had bunk beds for the kids.  Great hotel.





Gosh we had a great time.  Saturday morning our trio taught a songwriting class that aspiring writers attended.  Such a great group with so many great questions we were happy to answer.  I hope that one of the three of us said something that you can use in your own writing career that is helpful.





That afternoon we gathered around a fireplace for a songwriter round with some of those aspiring writers and got to hear their songs and applaud them.  And that was a treat. 






Then Saturday night we played our show to an enthusiastic crowd in one of the main conference rooms.  Suzy Boggus and her husband Doug Crider followed us which was a treat.  Suzy started her career at Dollywood which I did not know...and she was kind to say some nice words about me and our trio.  She remembered coming into my radio show in Cincinnati many radio moons ago and singing "live" on air with me "Somewhere Between".  And getting to here her sing "Someday Soon" and "Outbound Plane" and most certainly the great cowboy song "Night Riders Lament" was just a great gift to the ears. 




And the night before we got to hear a great show with our friends Steve Williams who helped write "Redneck Yacht Club" along with Mike Loudermilk (great guitar player-writer) and the son of Hall of Fame writer John D. Loudermilk who wrote incredible hits like this ONE


And also in that round was Deborah Allen who sang her iconic hit "Baby I Lied"


My thanks to all the organizers and folks who helped make this such a great weekend of music and friends that included wonderful scenery right outside our windows.



This morning I spotted this little surprise musical gift. My young talented friend Lauren Mascitti recorded a song that I co-wrote with here and Wil Nance.  Lauren's boyfriend and talented artist-producer Shawn Camp produced and played on it and this is a VIDEO of Lauren...along with Shawn and a full band playing our song a couple of days ago on the Delbert McClinton cruise.  The song is called "Never Been In Love Like This" with a bit of a throwback sound to it.  Click on the link and check it out.  And thank you Lauren for doing such a great job with our little musical baby.



Yes...I did watch quite a bit of football...especially yesterday.  My daughter Heather came up to Dad's man cave and sat down with 3 minutes left to go in that wild Saints-Vikings game that the Vikes won on the last play of that game.  Incredible.  And...proof that my daughter is a really good musician because she has PERFECT timing!  Unreal.



I only heard about the missile alert scare in Hawaii because my wife Kathy told me about it on the phone while I was over in Pigeon Forge.  I had not turned any news on whatsoever.  I think I'm better off not watching the news most of the time.  I don't ever want to see that alert on my phone do you? 


It is interesting to note that actor Mark Wahlberg was playing a round of golf in Hawaii when they got the notice.  What did he and his friends do?  They kept playing.  If it's just me...and I'm not worrying bout protecting my wife and daughter...pretty sure I would have kept playing too.  Where ya gonna go in 20 minutes to protect you from that?!  I do see ads coming soon from builders of underground shelters.  We're going back to the 60's folks.  "Duck and Cover"



Some teenagers are now eating those Tide Pods.  The little detergent discs.  Uh huh.  Kids have mistaken them for toys at time and taken a bite...teenagers of course are doing for the same reason some used to sniff Elmers glue.  Most teenagers don't know how to do a load of wash...so I guess...you might as well eat the detergent that's laying around.



Apparently someone has filmed a 17 hour train ride across Australia.  And the train goes slow.  So...you can sit at home for 17 hours on your couch if you'd like and pretend you're on an Aussie train.  Hook that up to those virtual reality goggles...and I might jump aboard too.



John Young who walked on the moon?  He snuck a corned beef sandwich into his astronaut suit pocket once without NASA catching it.  Gus Grissom was riding along at the time and had to ask, "what is that"?   Apparently...corned beef stinks in space.  But...if you knew you were going to be drinking Tang and eating food from a tube you squeezed out?  I might sneak some Mac and Cheese into my suit before blasting off too.



It's MLK Day...and some folks have the day off.  Me too.  But...not really.  I've got a couple of funny radio jingles to write today for a Colorado radio station and my wife tells me it's time to take down our Christmas tree.  Sigh.  If it were just up to me...I'd leave it up year round.  And I'd leave a pumpkin out on the porch too.  Decorate once...be done. 


Have a great Monday.



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