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2 in 1 Day...Go Tigers...New Co-Writer

Jan 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

14th of January in 2020 and I still can’t stop myself from entering 2019 on documents.



What a fun and productive writing session I had on Music Row yesterday with two great young artists and friends Paul Bogart and Dan Wilson.  Dan is 1/3rd of the trio MamaDear with all that great harmony and Paul you know about if you read my blog ever.  Just a truly great country singer with a little western influence in his voice and music.


So we met at a publishing company Dan got us in and caught up on each other’s lives after the holiday before we sat down and wrote.  And when we did sit down we went through the ole, “well, what do we want to write today” dialogue.  I had just come across a country-gospel song done “live” on Facebook by the former lead singer of Marty Raybon along with a new young country Cody Johnson who also wears a cowboy hat like Paul Bogart does. So I played THIS for the guys and Paul knew the song because he’s such a fan of Cody’s already.  So, we wrote something in that vein in pretty short order.  So short in fact that we wrote a second song, a western swing thing that really fits Paul and what he does.  That happens once in a while…not a lot…but once in awhile and I’m always grateful when it does.  Time really well spent yesterday.



I was up late (for me) watching the Clemson-LSU game with Lang Scott and another friend.  I can’t recall seeing a game that seemed to go so long.  How long was it?  So long that this morning at 5:10 AM I’m listening Golic & Wingo on ESPN radio who announced the game had just ended.  They were joking of course but that’s how long the game seemed to last.  Congrats to LSU.  It’s always worth tuning in an LSU game just to hear Ed Ogeron’s gravelly voice.



That the orange dust from Cheetos in the bag and on your fingers that lick off has a name.  “Cheetle”.   Wonder what they call the leftover dust in a peanut bag?  “Peenle”?



Good time to fly to Hawaii right now.  Round trip for under $300 in some places. Tempting.  Such a beautiful green place.


Which reminds me, I have got to finish writing my Hawaiian song idea. Tell me folks won’t buy the T-shirt with the song title of “She Bought A Grass Skirt and I Bought A Mower” on it.



Now this is kind of a cool way to save money traveling all around the world that was pointed out by a young travel blog.  She discovered a website called Trusted Housesitters.  Here’s the deal.  Agree to watch some homeowners pets while they are on vacation and you stay for free.  And there are homes in lots of states and countries participating. Wonder if anyone needs me to watch their Baby Yoda?


It cost you $119 to sign up for the online site…but one could surely save a lot of money.



Next year is the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World in Florida and they are going to launch a bunch of new stuff there.


Couple that caught my attention.  One is a space restaurant at Epcot where you board an elevator that shoots you upward and inside that restaurant you get views of earth like your up in space looking down.


And the second one is a Tron type roller coaster ride in Tomorrowland.  They’ve got one already at one of their parks overseas. Save me a ticket for this BAD BOY.



I swear there are 1,000 themes on Yoga workouts.  Hot yoga, goat yoga and now “facial yoga”.  They teach you how to bend and stretch and tweak your face to help make it look younger.  Not sure if you have to sit on a yoga mat for this one or not.  If nothing else, it should make for some funny Instagram pictures.



In Colorado they have a restaurant that does not take themselves or their customers too seriously.  They add on a “dumb question” fee with your meal if you happen to ask say a server a really dumb question.  Like, “what’s taking so long to make my WELL DONE burger?  Did they have to kill a cow”?


If you ask that you’ll see a 37 cent charge on your bill…for asking such a thing. 



I’m writing for the first time with Kirsti Manna who I’ve known for a long while but just have never had the chance to rhyme with her until this morning.  Kirsti helped write one of the earliest Blake Shelton number one songs “Austin”.  She plays piano, teaches songwriting classes (I’m taking an apple) and she produced and wrote a great musical based on the life of Carole King.  So I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of the writing room today.


Have a great Tuesday!








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