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Snow and ice is just starting to show up in Nashville...schools are closed...and the store shelves are empty for the big run last night as middle Tennesseans prepare for a fun day on the roads.  That's why I'm glad I'm in Pigeon Forge right now at Dolly's DreamMore Resort.









My morning started with a writing session on Music Row with Gerald Smith and former America Idol star Janelle Arthur...and I had planned on going to an artist showcase after that with a friend.  All those plans changed on a dime after seeing our forecast and knowing I had to get to Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge for the "Lyrics & Lore" event...a two day gathering of songwriters teaching and co-writing and playing songwriter shows with my Hits & Grins trio that also includes Victoria Venier and Steve Dean


So...everyone changed their schedule and we left Nashville last night about 8 pm to beat the weather.  As you can see from this view outside my resort window...we did just that.  We did get into some THICK fog...but got here and got to sleep well after midnight last night.


Dolly's resort here is absolutely gorgeous.  The Christmas decorations are up making it even more beautiful right now.  And the good part is we have today pretty much free to hear some of our other songwriter friends who are participating and just enjoy this resort and the surrounding area including the Great Smoky Mountains.   Good work if you can get it folks...and we're happy to be part of this creative weekend in the mountains.



I got a great call from Darin Aldridge who is the husband part of a great bluegrass duo "Darin & Brooke Aldridge".  Brooke...his lovely wife was named the female bluegrass artist of the year recently and they are back in studio recording songs.  Darin sent me a little piece of a recording titled "I'm Going Under" that I co-wrote years ago with Karen Taylor Good who wrote this classic for Patty Loveless..."How Can I Help You Say Goodbye". Click on the link and watch Karen sing this great song she co-wrote.


The song "I'm Going Under" is about a lost soul about to be baptized that was inspired by my young friend Riley Jean Scott...the youngest daughter of Linda Davis and Lang Scott...who called her sister Hillary one day with Lady A to say, "sis...I'm going under".  Talking about her own upcoming baptism.  From that little innocent utterance came this song that I've loved since we wrote it.  Linda recorded it on one her albums a few years ago and just slayed the song.  The song is powerful...if I do say so myself.


Because they are very "roots" based duo...this recording will have a different texture if you will...but...it's going to be great...as I can tell already from listening to what they've sent me.


And the really good news is that it looks to be their first single release that will happen before the album is even completed with talks of. video to accompany that song that could truly be powerful.  So proud of this song...and so thankful that Darin and Brooke fell in love with the message in this tune.  Thank you!



I read this morning over a big Dolly buffet here at the resort that John Fogerty (Credence Clear Water) is not happy with the new movie "Proud Mary" that stars Taraji P. Henson as a killer.  A lot of dead folks in this action movie...and John is not happy that they've used his song "Proud Mary" in that fashion...to promote violence.  I kinda get that.  He'll get a big fat royalty check for the usage...but by now Mr. Fogerty doesn't need the money.  What's amazing about his song that every band has sung at one time or another is that the song is 50 years old!  Wow.


I loved the original version with Credence.  I learned the song the minute I first heard it on the radio and must have sang "Proud Mary" hundreds of times on band stands.  But if I'm honest...my favorite version of this classic is this ONE.



So I'm up early here in the morning poring over the news and shaking my head a bit at the insanity that's always in the news these days.  The latest comments about the President talking about "shithole" countries mixed with the comment from Putin saying that the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is a "competent and mature leader" made me put my coffee down and shake my head again.  What a weird time we live in right now.



Well...they say our news feed is about to look drastically different on Facebook.  Just about the time you get comfortable...change happens...as it always do.  I'd vote for a button that allows us to "lock in" the old look of things we're comfortable with.  If you want "change"...hit the change button.  If not...hit the "leave my page alone" button.  Of course if they did that...I'd be using carbon paper an trying to do my blog with a manual typewriter.



"Royal Bra Fitter Fired By The Queen".  I don't want to know what happened.  What are grounds for firing if you're a bra fitter?  If the Queen had fired me over that...I'd resurrect Johnny Cochran from the dead and have him defend me with "if the bra don't fit...you must acquit". 



A free day in the mountains just outside Gatlinburg.  If it snows...they have massive windows and we'll put our feet up and enjoy the view.  And then tomorrow we'll have fun working here at the Lyrics and Lore event.


Have a great weekend.


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