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A Cool Video...Pigeon Forge Bound...Artist Showcase

Jan 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

60's today...freezing rain tomorrow.  Just in time for a fun road trip to the Smokies.  Yikes.



I wrote for the first time with Bree Ann Young who I have watched progress as a writer and singer here in Nashville.  We have mutual friends...and our musical tastes in the songwriting world are certainly aligned.  So it was fun getting to know her better...and the bonus was she brought a cool idea that we wrote that turned out more than a little good (he humbly said) for a first co-writing effort.  Just another one of those young talented folks that one can easily root for here in Twang Town.



Let me share this cool VIDEO here with you.  I was hired to write a song about a guys wife up in Ohio which he wanted to give her for Christmas.  Not easy to do...writing about someone else's wife.  But...he sent me a lot of info...and it turned out great.  We took it to studio and my friend Dave Smith who is out playing guitar with Toby Keith put together the music track and then another friend Paul Bogart put the vocal down on "How Lucky Am I". 


Well yesterday they sent me a video they had put together using the song.  And it's pretty danged cool.  I'm glad they love it as much as they do for sure.  Again...click on that video link just above and see what you think.



And...my last assignment yesterday was to write a song about folks who are not that thrilled with NFL football anymore...a parody song.  That turned out to be "I Don't Like It, I Don't Love It" from the big Tim McGraw hit of course.  Constant video reviews, lots of commercials, kneeling has hurt the NFL ratings some this year...although that may turn with the playoffs in full swing right now.  Either way...I was happy to write the song for my New York folks.



3,000 folks gather in front of the convention center and try to set a Guinness World Record for "most people in the shape of a musical instrument".  This one as you can see is a guitar...and I think they came up a bit short.  Ever hear the expression, "some folks just have too much time on their hands"?  Uh huh.







I mentioned here that someone dropped off Roy Acuff's old fiddle at a Goodwill Store.  Goodwill was set to auction it off.  Not so fast my fiddling friends.  They've now returned the fiddle to the rightful owner.  No auction.  Turn your back on a fiddle for one second and someone will run away with it I suppose.  It's back in the Acuff family now...a good thing.



I'm driving to Pigeon Forge-Gatlinburg tomorrow with my "Hits & Grins" trio for a songwriting seminar-show for two days at Dolly's beautiful DreamMore Resort.  If you're interested...take a look at our full SCHEDULE here to see what we will be doing this Saturday.


Dolly is in the news today because of catching a little heat from some folks on Twitter in particular for changing the name of her "Dixie Stampede" show to something more politically correct...the Dolly Stampede...or something like that.  And so it goes...



The rumor is that Jon Gruden's replacement for Monday Night Football games could be Peyton Manning.  That would be a great move if they can get Peyton do it.  Combine his football knowledge along with his sense of humor we've seen in all those commercials and that would become a very entertaining football broadcast booth to say the least.



A WWE wrestler...Heath Slater got locked in an airplane bathroom.  They had to unhinge the door in mid-flight to get him out.  Now...as big as these guys are...he couldn't bust the door down and make a big entrance to the cabin of the plane?  Seems like a missed opportunity to me.



Now one can get a coffee-massage in the morning.  They mix something using espresso to rub ya down before work and then you get a shot of espresso to drink before you leave.  I'm guessing the masseuse "grinds" away at this place.  They actually call it the "Rub and Chug".



The most popular names for babies now in Tennessee?  For girls it's "Ava".  For boys...."WILLIAM"!  I'm finally popular.  In college I got nicknamed "Country" for a long time.  I'm waiting for a baby to take that name now.



Nope.  My IQ is just not high enough for me to be wearing "Smart Underwear".  Put em on and they monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, weight...you name it.  Of course if you tend to get your shorts in a bunch...the readings may be off.



They may be the next state to legalize marijuana.  With the way it's going...to heck with Oprah running for President.  Let's elect Willie!  Of course if Vermont does approve this...syrup and Ben & Jerry's are going to be adding some new flavors. 



"American Chopper" is coming back on with the feuding Tuetel's who argue (Father and Son) and make incredible custom choppers.  Father and son have apparently made up...and though they have separate businesses...the show is being rebooted.  It will be interesting (for those of us who are fans" to check out the new dynamic of personalities on this show.




In shape recruits for the Army are apparently hard to find here in the south because we're so obese.  This happens of course when gravy is considered an entree at most restaurants.  Salute.



"Scientists Invent A Pill To Detect Your Flatulence".  I'm wondering if I read that right.  It would be better if the pill was invented to "deflect" your flatulence.  I'll get back to you on this.



I'm off to write with Gerald Smith and Janelle Arthur this morning on Music Row and then grab lunch with a friend before going to a showcase for new artist Tenille Arts.  It's always fun to check out new promising talent in this town.  And yes...I do plan on wearing my "smart underwear".  Thanks for asking.


Then tonight...time to pack for a road trip.


Have a great Thursday!


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