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WSM & Crystal...Jenny Tolman Showcase...and...Ice Fishing

Up and down we go.  60 today...then maybe 1 to 2 inches of snow by this weekend in middle TN. 



Full Tuesday...one that started with a 4 AM wake up an the early morning shift on WSM as the regular host Bill Cody was off giving a speech somewhere.


I had no idea the pipes had burst inside the Opryland Hotel so imagine my suprise when I walked in and saw a little re-modeling going on from some water damage.  Apparently the water seeped into a bit of the WSM studios...so the baseboard you see here and more is being replaced. 





Years ago when I was first hired at WSM...I got my short on air training course at the old original block building where the huge WSM tower is off I-65.  That's because we had the big Nashville flood that wiped out the Opry building and the hotel and the studios we broadcast in.  That lasted for months as the station went back to that little tower building to get back on air.  And i was kind of cool being able to suck up some of the history of that old iconic facility for sure...but...nobody wants more water in the hotel. 








My thanks to Bill Gatzimos and Crystal Gayle as Crystal was kind enough to go on air with us on short notice and allow me to wish her a happy birthday yesterday.  We're both the same age...yep...38.  And she was able to update us on her sister Loretta Lynn who fell and broke her hip.  It's gonna be a long recovery...as it usually is for anyone that age breaking a bone.  Happy birthday Crystal...and get better Loretta!



My wife and I joined our friends Lang Scott and Linda Davis and went to a little "single release" party for our young mutual friend Jenny Tolman who I write with a lot.  She did not disappoint.  For a crowd full of industry folks she put on quite the show..doing a 45 minute set or so of her original songs...and was nice enough to do one that we wrote together with her Grammy nominated boyfriend Dave Brainard...who was part of a great band last night at the Sutler.  I had the pleasure of introducing Jenny last night on stage which was fun for sure.  Several big hit writers, producers, booking agents, PR folks and industry folks dotted the crowd last night to check out Jenny.  Keep your eyes and ears open for her folks.






While I was on air yesterday morning on WSM...one of our guests on the phone was a rep covering the big consumer electronic show out in Vegas who told us about the latest toys and gadgets on display.  Self driving cars were everywhere she said.  They're coming.  A 120 inch or bigger TV is now out there that she claims is pretty spectacular.  And there's even on TV that folds up!  Why I would need a fold up TV...I'm not sure...but there ya go.  Maybe you can take it...and unfold it and watch it in the backseat of your self driving car...dunno.



In Australia...a record setting heat wave is going on.  And it's so hot that a species of bats is falling out of the sky...dead.  Bat stroke?



I did have to write a comedy parody song about the flu that's affected so many.  So I re-wrote the Little Big Town hit "I've Got A Girl Crush" into "I've Got The Flu Bug". Nasty stuff as many of you know.  4 folks in middle Tennessee alone have actually died from the flu so far this year.  Hopefully that flu shot I got will help.



Apparently some folks are now vaping their vitamins.  Yep.  Those little vape contraptions....apparently they can give you a mix of something that has your vitamins in it allowing you to smoke your way to better health.  Please be discreet if you go in and ask the vendor for the stool softener mix.  Nobody need to know that.



The Winter Olympics will be here soon...South Korea this time.  I always think I won't watch much of it...but once they come on...I'm hooked.  I'd love to compete...but unless they establish "Ice Fishing" as an Olympic sport...I've got no chance.  It would be fun watching a bunch of countries pull their little out house shanties onto the ice and see who could auger a hole in the ice the quickest.  Two person teams?  C'mon.  I'd watch that over luge.



It will be interesting to see what the ratings are going to be like on the new American Idol reboot coming soon.  The new producer of the show has announced they are doing away with the train wreck William Hung type of singers in the audition process.  I don't know.  I think a lot of folks watched for the cringe factor and the Simon Cowell retorts as painful as those were sometimes.  Sometimes the "bad is good" if ya know what I mean. 



I'm off to write with a young friend for the first time...Breann Young who's been working hard at her craft for a long while now...and it shows in her songs that I've heard.  It's gonna be fun rhyming with her an really getting to know her even better today.  I'm putting some vitamins in my Vape pipe right now so that I'm able to bring my A game to the writing table this morning.


Have a great Wednesday!

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