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Bill's Blog

Cold...Little Texas Dude...Old Theaters

Apr 22 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Well, we had every space heater on in the house last night as the end of April got really chilly last night…down in the 30’s again. My wife’s lettuce plant was knocking on our door begging to get in. Cincinnati had some snow over the ...

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Gatlinburg...Colorado...Song Gets Some Press

Apr 21 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Man it’s quiet early in the morning. Old morning radio habits still have me getting up at the crack of dark when the only sound I hear is the coffee brewing. First cup going down right now on this Wednesday.


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Songwriter Birthday...Willie Holiday...Adult Pool

Apr 20 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

I wrote with noted gospel singer

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Old Radio Friends...Writing Funny Down Under...ACM Awards

Apr 19 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Monday morning coming up after a pretty busy weekend.



Mine started with a songwriting cancellation on Friday morning. I was to have written with Scott ...

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Songwriter Show...Hit King Birthday...Don't Disturbs

Apr 14 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Hello to another Hump Day.



I had an open day after a writing cancellation so I sat down with the guitar and did a little solo writing. Every now and then it’s ...

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Australia Comedy Song...Green Thumbs and Hot Dog Taster

Apr 13 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Tuesday…all day.  Little rain this morning outside my window over Old Hickory Lake.



My writing appointment changed up a bit yesterday as ...

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Sumter South Carolina Show...Zoom Game...Back To Writing

Apr 12 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 0 Comments

Back home from South Carolina ready for a new week.



Our “Evening in the Round” show with Linda Davis, Lang Scott & me could not have ...

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Road Trip Today...The Duet...Tim & Tug

Apr 9 , 2021 | Posted by: Bill Whyte | 1 Comment

Friday morning and I’m packing a guitar and a bag for South Carolina. Road trip starts in few hours.



My day was open so I did some pre-packing for the trip. ...

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