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And here comes the weekend.  I don't hear anyone complaining about that.



I'm pretty sure everyone who attended the Jerry Salley CD release party for "Front Porch Philosophy" last night feel like they got their money's worth.  I know I did.  Jerry and the group of musicians who played on this new album took the stage and sang the entire "live" album...including the song I wrote with Jerry which is the title track.  That never gets old...hearing an artist...and in this case a co-writer and friend sing one of your songs to an appreciative "live" audience.  The room was full of celebrities in the bluegrass world and from other genres to show their support to Jerry who's had more songs recorded that you can count through the years.  Larry Cordle, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Kyle Cantrell...my old WSM boss who now runs the bluegrass channel for XM and introduced Jerry last night.  And...my friend Jim McBride and his lovely wife sat wit me with glows still on both of their faces after getting the amazing news a couple of days ago that Jim is going into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.  So happy for him.


Congrats to Jerry.  It was great hearing the music performed "live" and a special treat to see his daughter Maggie stand on stage and sing harmony with her Dad all night long.



I skimmed through an article this morning of "51 Weird Ways To Go Broke".  One of them is..."Dreaming Of A Music Career".  Now they tell me.  The second one was "Overspending On Your Pets".  You folks know who you are.  And I still say a bulldog does not look right wearing a leather Harley vest.  You can stop trying to convince me.



You may have to if you want to own your own house.  The number of houses available on the market to buy is at a 20 year low.  But...at least it's comforting to know your kids will be moving back home with you because they can't find or afford their own place...right?



Man they are giving a lot of print space to this eclipse coming up.  Since we are near th epicenter...which is in Hopkinsville, Kentucky they tell us... coverage may be even more intense than in other parts of the country.


With all of the attention comes crime of course...always.  Some company just got busted for selling FAKE eclipse glasses.  But...on the positive side...


There's a 63 year old man named Gary Parkerson who has packed a telescope and eclipse glasses (real ones) and is out biking and educating folks on astronomy and the eclipse.  Yes...he's an astronomer and just wants to share his knowledge of the celestial heavens with others.  So far he's already logged in 9,000 miles.  I'm pretty sure if I ever had a chance to sit down and talk with an astronomer my deep question would be "can you find the big dipper for me"?  I should look up more. 



Next week is the Smoky Mountain Songwriters Festival over in Gatlinburg.  I've been going since it's inception 5 years or so ago.  In fact...the festival organizer there Cyndy Montgomery Reeves always tells everyone that I was her first official invite.  That happened because I was in a songwriter round one night with Bobby Tomberlin and Brady Seals and Bobby was helping Cyndy get this festival launched and suggested me.  Thank you Bobby....and Cyndy.


I'm saying all that so that you check out their website and maybe think about coming to the Smoky Mountains next week and be part of the fun.  A ton of great songwriters will be there sharing their music and stories on stages at several venues.  I'm going to be part of group songwriting class next Wednesday and Thursday with Steve Dean who's part of my "Hits & Grins" trio.  And then I'll perform a show Friday night with "Hits & Grins" at Drafts's Sports Bar on Friday evening...and I'll play two other shows with different songwriters on Saturday.  For my schedule there just go to my calendar for that info. 


This festival is growing and growing and growing...and if you've never been to a songwriters festival before...think about renting a room or a cabin in the mountains and get yourself there. 



This is a tweet I saw from my very funny friend that I used to work comedy clubs with some Heywood Banks.  He tweeted, "whenever I hear the term opioids, I think they are talking about Ron Howard's children."  Funny man.  Funny funny man.  If you don't believe me...watch this "grown" man play a song on a toaster using forks as drumsticks in this VIDEO.  I rest my case. 



Nothing big...and nothing wrong with that because I'm getting into a stretch where a lot of shows and traveling will be happening.  Between now and end of year I'll be in Gatlinburg as just mentioned...the Grand Canyon for 8 or 9 days....5 of those days singing on the Grand Canyon Train.  Then comes a Georgia gig, followed by "Blast On The Bay" songwriters festival in beautiful Port St. Joe, Florida in October and the next thing ya know we're looking at our run to the beach in Gulf Shores for the November Frank Brown Songwriters Festival.  Yep...busy...but as I tell all my friends who comment about me being so busy..."I'm not doing one thing that's not fun".  How ya gonna beat that?


Have a great weekend!

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