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Upgrades...Glen's Last Album and CD Party Tonight

Very very quiet at the Whyte House this morning as my girls have left for a couple of days to check up on family in Cincinnati.  When this happens I have to stop and think, "do I remember how to scramble a couple of eggs?"



Wednesday started with a trip to my Apple Store to update a long overdue and outdated operating system on my Mac Pro.  I'm like 5 years behind downloading the FREE update because I KNOW the minute I do there will be a learning curve again trying to find things and figuring out how to do things I've done in my sleep for a long while.   The icons change...documents are located somewhere else...where's my iTunes library?!...geez.  Sure enough...that's exactly what happened.  I spent quite a bit of time re-learning what I already knew.  The good news is...it looks like everything I need is still here.  It may take me awhile to find out where that stuff is...but it do be here.  Kudos to the Mac folks.  Their tech help where I go?...those young folks are great...patient...and they don't talk over your head. 


It is amazing how dependent lives...mine included...become so attached to computers and the digital world.  Most of my work I do these days depends on me knowing what I need to do on Steve Job's invention.  All of my comedy scripts to New York are done on this little Mac Pro.  Every lyric I write to a song...and the audio...loaded, recorded, stored right here.  My calendar that is running my life tucked away here.  And that doesn't cover e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, the Social Network etc.  Because of computers I can do a whole lot more.  And because I can...it means I'm probably working more than ever.  Pretty sure there's something wrong with that.  But if I'm honest?  I'm pretty comfortable in the fast moving digital world and would wonder what to do with my time if I tried to go back to pen and paper.  I'm pretty sure that's what was going through my mind when I wrote "I'll Join The Amish" that's on one of my "Hits & Grins" CD's.  Take a look-listen.



After walking out of the Mac Store...I made a short little drive to Grimey's which is a record store as in VINYL records.  I love just going in and thumbing through old albums.  I was on a mission here...no vinyl...I was looking for the last record Glen Campbell recorded produced by Carl Jackson "Adios".  There was ONE left...and I grabbed it.  My gosh...it's just great.  The liner notes written by his wife Kim and Carl?  That's a must read.  Carl Jackson laid the tracks down before Kim brought her husband into the vocal booth one last time.  With Alzheimer's tugging at him...Carl had to resort to holding up sheets of papers with large size lyrics on them for Glen to see and not forget.  There were lots of takes and cutting and pasting as one would imagine there would be.  But Glen's singing and vocal interpretation on this record is absolutely stunning.  I've listened twice already.  There are some familiar songs on it like "Funny How Time Slips Away" with Willie Nelson who wrote that classic.  Of course there are a couple of Jimmy Webb tunes...and they certainly stand out.  There's a bluegrass song that Carl wrote...his kids sing harmony...so does Vince Gill on one song.  And maybe my favorite cut so far is Am I All Alone (or is it only me) a song that the late Roger Miller (still my favorite writer) wrote.  Glen held onto a cassette tape of Roger singing a verse of this song that Glen held onto.  They put that recording of this song as a prelude to Glen singing it.  If you liked Glen Campbell at all...I could not more highly recommend a record.  Alzheimer's could not steal Glen's talent.



I want to say Happy Birthday to my sister Rita up in MInnesota.  Her birthday was yesterday and I'm sure her kids spoiled her...right kids?  Hope you had a great day sis.



I also talked to a friend and co-writer of mine Jim McBride yesterday.  Jim got THAT phone call yesterday telling him he will be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame!  So so happy for him.  When Jim was young in this town and trying to write hits...a tall blonde dude in a hat and boots walked in one day and Jim's publisher asked Jim if he'd like to write with Mr. Lanky Fellow.  Good thing Jim said, "what the heck".  That guy was Alan Jackson.  The two of them wrote countless songs together including "Chasing That Neon Rainbow" and "Chattahoochee".  Jim also wrote the classic "Rose In Paradise" which is one of country music's greatest mystery songs.  And then there's the song he wrote that convinced Jim that maybe he should give up delivering mail in Huntsville, Alabama and move to Nashville and take a chance on a songwriting career that's still one of my faves of his..."Standing On A Bridge That Just Won't Burn" by Conway Twitty.  Congrats to you my friend...you so deserve it...and we will celebrate that tonight.



Jim is going to be at the Station Inn along with me and several friends as we attend a CD release party for Jerry Salley and his new CD "Front Porch Philosophy".  Significant for me because I'm Jerry's co-writer on the title track.  Jerry and his band will perform "live"...songs off this project so it's going to be a cool moment when he launches into our song.  My thanks to Jerry for loving this tune enough to make it the title track.








I always thought that if I were in a musical duo I'd be "worldly hip" and name us "Shock & Awe".  Now if I start one up I'll have to name it "Fire & Fury". 



How bout this fact.  Fast food sales is growing faster than the US economy.  Apparently if the government wants more folks to invest in US business...they need to offer up fries as an incentive.  And speaking of fast food...Krispy Kreme is jumping on the eclipse that's coming.  They've just made a chocolate covered official "eclipse donut".  Uh huh.  I'm going to buy a couple...go home...sit on the couch and put the two donuts over my eyes and experience an eclipse without having to drag a lawn chair out on the front lawn.



Oprah is going to start promoting food products.  You'll see her name on the packages soon in your grocery stores.  I'll be in line to buy a bag or two of Oprah Oreo's for sure.



Just when you think there's nothing new in film...along comes this film about Vincent Van Gough called "Loving Vincent" that's done with paintings...like those from the Master.  Even if you're not a fan of painters...this is pretty stunning looking.  Take a look here.  I always applaud those who think "out of the box" creatively.  This is surely an example of doing that.



Kenny Rogers Farewell tour ends in Nashville with a who's who of folks who will be on stage.  I've already mentioned Dolly and my friend Linda Davis.  New names were added today that includes Linda's daughter Hillary who will be there with Lady A...and...Chris Stapleton, Reba and Wynonna are also on the list.  Expensive tickets...but it will be quite an evening celebrating Kenny's great long career that's coming to an end soon.  You can bet the ranch that Dolly will be singing "Islands In The Stream" with Kenny...what Kenny Rogers songs will the other's choose?



Word is that attendance at Sea World is down...way down.  Why?  Dunno for sure.  I do know that theme park tickets per day are really really pricey these days.  Disney World is at $100 per visit...so I'm guessing Sea World is up there too.  I do have a cure though for Sea World.  Let the customers fish.  Problem solved.



Kyle Jenner...19 years old...the youngest of the Kardashian clan that got rich and famous for being famous has her own cosmetic line rolling out.  How much is it going to be worth?  Those in the know say it could approach 1 BILLION dollars.  At 19...you don't even need cosmetics.  What the....???  I have so got to get me a reality TV show. 



That Tiny House thing is a big craze right now.  So my question is...when folks who live in Tiny Houses decide to downsize...where do they go?



A little writing today as always...but nothing big until the CD release party I mentioned early this evening at the Station Inn.  And oh yea...I have to start work on my own cosmetic line.


Have a great Thursday!











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