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Wimbledon White..Star Wars Peek and Kermit Fired

Jul 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Bring on the weekend.  Going to be a Summergedon type weekend here with high temps and even heavy thunderstorms in our forecast.  Rain or heat...either way I'm dripping.



Both of my girls got home safely...the wife from Cincinnati...the daughter from her flight over and back to Cuba.  I asked her bring back a 57 Buick from Havana...she forgot I guess.  So it was get back to normal kind of Thursday.  Good to have them back.



I did watch the 30-30 ESPN film about "Mike & Mad Dog" yesterday on ESPN after being tipped off that it was great.  And it was.  Those two launched "sports talk" radio as we know it today...a team that was literally thrown together in studio by management at WFAN in NYC.  They are New Yorkers...LOUD...confrontational...they'd like each other...they didn't like each other... and they had a great long successful run on air.  For a radio guy like me it was very relatable.  You go on the air...managment sometimes introduces you to your parnter or folks you will be working with...and you really know nothing about them.  Sometimes chemistry happens and management was right...sometimes it goes the other way.


I'm a pretty laid back guy...non confrontational.  But I've been on both sides of "good" and "bad" chemistry pairings in radio.  Radio shows are a LOT more fun if you like the people you're in the room with.  I was blessed to work with mostly really great folks and talent...many of whom remain close friends today.  But when it's the other way...you can have some very long radio shows.  This ESPN special captures all of that both ways.  And it points out that when your show is getting huge ratings like the "Mike & Mad Dog" show did...you tend to like each other...or at least tolerate each other more.  If you like sports and or radio...watch the show running now on ESPN.  You'll be entertained.



Guess what's already started?  Back to school promotions.  Yep.  I think some parents don't mind seeing the early ads because the thought of having the kids out of the house a few hours each day makes them smile.  Mom's are getting ready to buy computers, backpacks, supplies, and maybe a few pitchers of margaritas to celebrate.  Maybe.



In Alabama...and I'm on their beaches there quite a bit...the state is passing a law dis-allowing the sell of margarita pitchers.  You can buy a glass with salt on the rim...but no pitcher fulls.  You can buy beer only in party size containers...but no Jimmy Buffett specials.  This is why you take a big blender to the beach in Alabama.



Wrongly...or rightly...and I'm sure it's mostly "wrongly"...I think having a Margarita once in awhile is a danged good idea.  Even eating food you love even though you know it's completely unhealthy in my mind...is healthy.  I read this morning about a very fit eat all the right food kind of woman who had a stroke and died at 41.  Good grief.  I'm trying to strike a balance when I can...but at this point in my life I have vowed not to die with the taste of tofu or apple vinegar in my mouth.  Just saying.



I don't know that I've ever watched a full tennis match.  Not my thing.  Not even Wimbledon which is bascially "The Masters" of tennis.  Too may stringent rules like the one getting attention right now.  Players have to wear all white...and no colored underwear either.  They've already walked on court...stopped a game...and given the players who broke the underwear rule new white underwear to go change into.  Too formal for me.  That makes me wonder if they make golfers change into green undewear at the Masters golf tourney? I'm pretty sure the stodgy folks in Augusta won't let me step out on their manicured course in my cut off shorts and Hooter's T-shirt with my bag of Wal Mart golf clubs.  Pretty sure.



Disney is giving a sneek peek of their new "Star Wars" attraction.  For Disney World, Disneyland fans...and Star Wars fans...it's worth checking out.  Pretty sure it will be a good idea to grab one of those "fast passes" for this.  I see a lot of light sabres being sold in the near future in a galaxy far far away.



While they are rolling out Star Wars...Disney was also busy firing the voice of Kermit The Frog...or at least not renewing his contract.  Steve Whitmire voiced old Kermit for 27 years but is not being put out to pond for someone else who will croak those lines.  Why?  I dunno.  The good news is that Steve made enough money for all those years to afford a very nice...PAD.  Okay...I'm stopping now.



A raccoon crawls into the back of a convertible in Florida that was in the shop and gave birth in that very backseat.  I would have sworn racccoons were more SUV than "top down" rides...but there ya go.  Lock the doors and the top of your car folks.



A guy here in Tennessee who is going to run for Senate is going to campaign for votes by riding his tractor across the state.  That should get him some attention.  I'm hoping he'll pull a brush cutter behind him and mow the ditches along the highways while he's at it.



MSN printed this ARTICLE today listing the weirdest fact about each state in the country.  Tennessee?  They have to move President James Polk's remains after the heirs to his fortune sold his burial place.  They moved his remains to our State Capitol here in Nashville because they frankly didn't know what to do with him.  Wow.  To find out what the weird thing is in your state...just click on the link.



Off to write with Jenny Tolman who's new album she tells me is almost done.  I'm sure I'll get to hear a bit of it today.  I'm disappointed that none of the songs we've written together are on this project...but I do have a little appearance on it as a radio guy reading a funny commercial.  Typecasted once again! 


Let the weekend begin. 


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