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April 12th, 2012
Thursday April 12, 2012

Good grief...I put the space heater up too quick.  Freeze last night...plants covered up.  Wonder if they make long johns for perennials?

I've got a huge day coming up and all of it involves WSM radio.

This morning I'll be on air from 10-2 with the request hour between noon and 1.  You can send me your request at bwhyte@wsmonline.com and let me know you're listening.

Buddy Jewell who was the first winner of Nashville Star was to be the special guest for the "Station Inn Sessions" at the historic STATION INN.  Buddy is sick...so I got a call yesterday asking me to take his place.

So...I called a couple of buddies to help me out..  BRADY SEALS from Little Texas and Hot Apple Pie Fame will join me and BOBBY TOMBERLIN who wrote the smash "One More Day" for Diamond Rio and is a current cast member on the CMT hit show "Singing Bee". (click on the links to each of them to find out more.  The link to Brady is a video of his last single that we wrote together "Been There, Drunk That")

Here's the deal.  This is a "live" radio show on 650AM WSM so you can listen worldwide at WSMONLINE.COM.

We will be interviewed by Mike Terry (who hosts this show on the radio) and then the three of us will swap songs and stories for an hour on the air.  Tune in!

And if you're in Nashville...it's free to attend.  The radio show itself starts at 3 pm.  We'll be interviewed between 5 and 6 pm on stage before doing our show tonight between 6 and 7 pm.

This will be great fun.

Yesterday started with a songwriting session with my friend SHAY WATSON who is spending a lot of time these days producing young and upcoming singers as well as writing songs to pitch to movies and TV.  That's exactly what we did yesterday...wrote towards a film/tv pitch and it turned out great.  About the time we finished Shay got a note from a producer looking for a song about a specific topic.  So when I got home...I banged out some lyric ideas...e-mailed it to Shay who will write the music for it and then pitch it.

So two songs added to the library yesterday with potential...so it was indeed a good day.

Shay and I wrote this song "BRING IT ON" which was licensed to ESPN this year for football use.  We wrote it with Joe Nash who used to be half of the duo Watson-Nash.  Although the duo no longer exists...they recorded four songs we wrote together on their project that I'm very proud of.  Check out the song if you haven't already.

One more song.  A "tax" song parody that I wrote for the syndication company I write for out of New York.  Some radio stations will be playing it before tax day which fast approacheth on April 17.

I like that my name is not attached to songs like these so I'm not red-flagged by some hateful tax auditor!

These songs just show up in a digital box at radio stations that subscribe and it's up to the individual shows as to whether they use it or not.  A fair amount of it does air because I've been writing for the company now for...gosh...going on 20 years now as their "go to" free lance guy for all things "Country".  It's been a great/fun relationship with a talented staff in NYC.

And it's fun to get notes like "we need a song about Kim Kardashian's badonkadonk". 

My wife and I found time to fast forward through American Idol.  I watched some of "The Voice" this season...but I've observed that there's a WIDE disparity of the talent between Idol and "The Voice' show with Idol's kids having much much more talent than those on "The Voice"...overall.  My prediction is that the top 5 or even six of the Idol kids will get record deals.  It's going to be a bit more challenging for those on "The Voice" I think.  We'll see.

Add to that Simon Cowell giving Brittany Spears 15 million bucks to be a judge on "The X Factor" this year and the talent may water down even more.  That's the job I want.  15 million to tape for two or three months and give your opinion.  Great work if you can get it!

(FYI...I give my opinion all the time...but no one pays me for it!)

Travel And Leisure just listed Nashville number 19 of 20 on the "Hipster" list.  We're hip!  Must be all the banjos.

One of the things the article lists about our city is our "NunBun" which is a cinnamon roll with an eerie resemblance to Mother Teresa that you can buy in Music City.  Think I'm making that up?  Check THIS OUT.

They spotted a BIG black bear roaming Cookeville, Tennessee which is less than an hour east of where we live.  Too close for comfort!  Add to that a colony of African Bees who came out of nowhere to sting a beekeeper 30 times.  Maybe we ain't so hip after all.

The beekeeper is fine and his wife is elated because when she found out....she had him drink a gallon of water and then walk the lawn.  Redneck sprinkler system.

Yesterday on I-24 a truck loaded with corn hit a truck loaded with Vidalia onions.  There was a succotash back up for miles.

The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony is coming up.  Guns And Roses the rock band is to go in.  Axl Rose has been fighting with band members and in true "rock" in your face fashion...."he ain't going"...and he doesn't want his name attached!

This one is even better.  The "Crickets" will also be inducted.  The back up band for Buddy Holly who inspired the Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

The drummer who lives here has decided not to attend because he has "bucket sitting time" he doesn't want to miss.  He has buckets like stools that he sits on at his place in the country watching sunsets I guess.  Life has slowed down...and he'd prefer just sitting on his bucket as opposed to making a trip to Cleveland!

Peter Cooper has a GREAT ARTICLE about this in the Tennessean this morning.  The drummer...J.J Allison talks about the writing of "That'll Be The Day".  It took 30 minutes!  It was the first single for the Quarry Men who became The Beatles as well as being a smash for Buddy Holly.  Take some time and read the article...it's great.

Her cooking show debuts on the Food Network this Saturday morning.  Why watch?  Because in this one she shares her recipes for Chicken and Dumplings AND...Crockpot Mac and Cheese!

I'm going to watch...cook both of them...then switch over quickly to the Medical Network and get some tips from Dr. Oz on how to prevent the onrushing heart attack.

You never hear just one dog bark out in the country.  One barks...another one joins in from the house next door and it passes down like a Pony Express Run.  Is it just me?  Weird.  It's like their on the same cellbone plan with unlimited barks.

Okay...off and running.  Radio station first....then the show tonight at the Station Inn from 5-7 pm. I hope you'll tune in...or show up!

Have a great Thursday.


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